Why Phone Matters - Our Approach & Offerings (Overview)

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Geoff Mlinarcik

21 Jan 2015



The focus of this lesson is to outline how PCS-Global and CallCoach provide offerings which span the scope of phone handling improvements - from call recording, tracking, reporting, training and coaching. In today's market, there has been such a major shift to leverage all sorts of new technologies that it's easy to forget the fact that the phone is still one of, if not the most integral tool in the sales process by driving customers from the Internet to the showroom. Moreoever, the phone can be a double-edged sword in that it can also be just as effective at driving customers to your competition if not handled appropriately. 


By the end of this lesson, you will have a better understanding regarding the numerous options available to you from PCS-Global which include CallCapture, TelePulse, TalkPro (onsite training) and CallCoach / CallCoach University. It is by blending the appropriate mix of trained people, solid processes and good technologies that we are able to provide a comprehensive solution to your team, your dealership, and on your behalf, to your customers. 

Why Phone Matters - PCS Global & CallCoach
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